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What is a Training Table?

I could answer your question and try to up-sell our tables but let’s be honest, you don’t want to read something that sounds too preachy. You’re not looking for something that says “this is what we offer, buy it” are you? Didn’t think so. You want answers, so here you go:

Multiple training tables

It’s a versatile, height adjustable, collapsible table that can go by many different names like breakroom table, café table, entryway table, office table, school tables, school cafeteria table, or restaurant table.

Now I know what you may be thinking; “Xan, why is this so exciting? Why should I care?” Well, it is helpful to know what you may want before searching for it and it could be beneficial to see how versatile one table can actually be. A training table might not be of interest to you, that is until you need to get one and don’t know what to look for. That’s where we come in; not just to help answer your questions but also to show you the right product.

Training tables come in different style, colors, sizes, and shapes; making it versatile for any use you could possibly conjured up in your mind. We, specifically, offer tables that range 42 inches to 84 inches in width and 24 inches to 48 inches in depth, height is adjustable for a lot of our tables from 23 inches to 34 inches tall. Of the tables we have, there are three shapes: rectangular, square, or round, all varying in size to work best for your needs. We have a wide range of colors available as well, some of our tables even come double sided so you have more than one option and can match the table to any room. For colors, we offer Ash Grey, Beige, Cherry, Grey, Mahogany, Mocha walnut, Maple, White. (Ash Grey, Cherry and Mocha Walnut are my favorite)

agwh table topBEGY TabletopCHPL TabletopBEGY TabletopMHMW TabletopMHMW TabletopCHPL Tabletopagwh tabletop

A large portion of the training tables we sell come with the option of black or chrome legs which are made with stamped steel to withstand general wear and tear and the option of casters to make it mobile or not. There are even five different styles: Cain, Kahlo, Kee, Kobe, Via. These styles reflect how the tables are made and assembled as well as their overall appearance.

Have you ever been in a seminar, college course, breakroom, or restaurant where rectangular tables are used? They’re always the same, simple style, too but serve the same purpose. Seminar tables are usually used by students, office employees, or guests to write on, study on, whatever it’s needed for. These types of tables are good for displays, like in a school, hotel, breakroom, library or for any announcement.


Round breakroom table


Breakroom uses: A breakroom is where you go to have lunch or a snack or chit chat but what you may not have noticed or considered were the tables in which you sit. During your work holiday party, people usually take the tables out of the breakroom and use it to set up the snacks and drinks. Those breakroom tables are also usually training tables and can serve more than one purpose.

Office: When not being used in a breakroom or for the office party, training tables are used for displays such as announcements, brochures, what have you.
Office training table
Entryway: Hotels often use training tables for seminar or events that they may be hosting. They could use the table before entering a large room for name tags, handouts, meet-and-greets, etc.


Seminar table in education area


School & Cafeteria: Schools use these tables for classes, especially universities, for the lunchroom or library, a computer room, anywhere in a school setting can be home to a training table. They’re good for lunch tables, like previously mentioned, or an art class but most can collapse, saving space for multi-purpose rooms.

 Café & Restaurant: This is self-explanatory, they’re used for eating.Round training table in cafe

A variety of bases are offered with the tables as well to fit any setting. 

T-BaseT-base X BaseKee post legsX Base 2platter base

You’ve probably seen one of these tables at least once in your life but didn’t realize it. They’re everywhere, invading every space because of its versatility and no one even knew.

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