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Breakroom Tables: Everything to Know About Each Type

Breakroom Tables: Everything to Know About Each Type

We All Need a Break 

It's safe to say 2020 was rough. Everyone had to adjust, especially to their workspaces. But now vaccines are rolling out and restrictions lifting. Life is beginning to regain a sense of normalcy.

As employees return to their offices, a place to recoup from daily stress is more important than ever. That's where breakrooms come in. And in every breakroom, you'll find our specialty: the breakroom table! 

So, what are breakroom tables? And what do they have to offer to your space? A breakroom table is any table with the purpose of, well, taking a break. But that's not all. 

There are tons of variations and ways to use them. These tables can work in many collaborative spaces, even lunchrooms, cafés, or kitchens. We’re deep diving into breakroom table shapes, bases, and how to best utilize them. So, take a break as we break it down for you (puns very intended). 

Size Might Not Matter, But Shape Sure Does 

Okay, so maybe size does matter when it comes to furniture. But your available space will help you determine the size that works best for you. As for the breakroom table shapes, you might not be sure where to go. In that case, you have two major shape options. 


breakroom table with a round wood top and metal x-base

You can’t go wrong with a round table. King Arthur knew it. We know it. And now, so do you. With round tabletops, you can arrange your seating based on preference or who you sit with.  

The curved tabletops also allow for easier movement and frees up your space's layout. With space at the forefront of everyone's minds, a round tabletop might be exactly what you need. 


tall breakroom table with wood square top in a coffee shop

Even if it’s square, that doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting. With square breakroom tables, you’ll bring a clean, sleek flare to any room. And you can keep your space functional with even-spaced seating. Plus, tables with rounded corners make it so you don’t have to sacrifice safety for style. 

Whatever shape you choose, don’t forget to look for a table with a double-sided top. That way, you choose the finish that fits your aesthetic.

Strong Base, Strong Foundation 

Unfortunately, the world has yet to receive a hovering tabletop. Trust us, we’ve looked. On the bright side, you have several great options when it comes to your breakroom table’s base. And lucky for us, these ones actually exist! 

Platter Base

 metal platter base for breakroom table

There’s a reason the platter base is a classic option. It doesn’t matter if the tabletop is round or square. This strong base model will keep your table balanced and sturdy. That comes in handy when your World’s Greatest Blank mug is filled to the brim with your afternoon caffeine fix. 


 metal x-shaped base for breakroom table

While the platter base has a lot to offer, the X-base specializes in discretion. But don’t assume that this base lacks balance or sturdiness. It has that in spades. X-bases also provide some nice space for your feet. You won't have to worry about getting those pesky shoeprints all over. When it comes down to choosing between the platter or X-base, it’s all a matter of taste. 

Post Legs

Close your eyes and picture a table. Are you thinking of a flat surface? Does it have four post legs? If that’s the kind of tradition you prefer, you’re in luck! And even with post legs, you have a couple different options in front of you. 


metal folding post legs for round breakroom table

Not everyone needs every square inch of their space furnished all the time. If that’s you, then you’ll love a breakroom table with folding legs. That way, you and your coworkers can enjoy some distance as you take your breaks.  

Plus, your breakroom can host as many dance parties as it does office birthday parties! Don’t be shy. We know you’re a dancing machine and so does everyone else in your breakroom. 


mobile metal post leg with caster for breakroom table

Maybe you’re looking for better Feng Shui. Or maybe you’re trying to shake things up with a new layout. Whatever you’re looking for, you might need a breakroom table with mobile casters. That, you'll find the comfort and function you need along the way. 

If your breakroom table comes equipped with adjustable glides, even better. And it definitely should. After all, you need a solid table balance to enjoy a balanced workload. 

Other Models, Where to Use Them, and the Best Seating 

Now, you may think you know breakroom tables top to bottom. I mean, we did just describe their tops and bottoms. But there are a few more things to know. 

Café Tables

breakroom table with wood round top and metal x base for cafe breakroom table with square wood top and metal platter base for cafe

Café and café high tables are a very special kind of breakroom table. Why, you ask? Because they work best in every poet’s favorite place to write on their lunch break: a café! 

In actuality, these tables can work in variety of spaces. Lunchrooms, work breakrooms, and even your home kitchen can sport these chill bad boys. Wherever you use them, you’ll find a comfortable elegance to the space.  

And when it comes to seating for your café tables, nothing beats a nice stack stool. You can sit up high and leave your feet free to dangle as you catch up on your favorite podcasts.  

High café tables also can work great for all the night owls kickstarting their weekends. These tables can and will rock out in any bar, club, rec room, or any other venue where socializing is key. 

Standard Breakroomwood breakroom tables for office breakroom

When it comes to a standard breakroom table, of course they work in any office’s workspace. It’s in the name, after all. However, there’s nothing stopping you from bringing them into a café or lunchroom. It’s all about the style you’re going for.  

If you’re working with a coffee shop or lunchroom, then some nice restaurant stack chairs might be ideal. If not, then any style of stack chairs may do. 

Breaktime’s Not Over 

Congratulations! As a novice expert in the field of breakroom tables, you have what you need to find the type that’s best for you. In no time, you’ll be able deck out your space and help bring relaxation to anyone seated.  

As you now know, there are a lot of options to explore. Not sure where to start? Check out Regency’s amazing and sample Breakroom Collection.

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