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Remote Learning And Dorm Studying Furniture: Everything You Need

Remote Learning And Dorm Studying Furniture: Everything You Need

Before The Fun Stuff

Okay, so there’s some good news, and there’s bad news. First, the good news from As of November 3, there are fewer schools than ever closing due to the pandemic. That’s great! But the bad news... there are several states still closing down schools. These include Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, and Vermont. Though cases throughout the US had gone down in the summer, they’ve started to go up again as we enter into autumn. This is based on data from The New York Times.

Right, we know this isn’t fun to talk about. And you may be asking yourself, why is a furniture company writing about the pandemic? Well, everything in society is connected. The pandemic has led and will likely lead to more schools closing down for long bouts of time. We will get out of this. But in the meantime, it’s important to deal with our shared situations the best way possible. Our hope is that the right furniture can help students can have the ergonomics they need to excel. That said, here’s everything you need for your remote learning furniture.

Learning On The Surface

It goes without saying that your desk is the foundation of a strong study and work environment. No matter how you learn, the type of desk you use matters. So, what kind of desk will work best for your home learning?

home learning foldable study desk with laptop and desk chair

If studying won’t be a permanent fixture in your living space, a folding desk is just what you need. For folding desk users, all you’re looking for is a place to sit your laptop and a couple books. When you’re done learning, you can fold up your desk and keep it stored for later use. You can be a parent taking online classes or an undergrad student hosting friends from down the hall. In any case a folding desk is perfect for you.

white study desk shell with laptop and desk chair in dorm room

Now, if routine keeps you going but you still need space, a compact desk shell can do the work. It’s the best of both worlds, providing needed space both on and around the desk. For parents of homeschooled children, this gives a consistent workspace without taking over the house.

A Short Aside

c shaped side table and sofa in living room with a red book

Okay, let’s talk about what to do if you just don’t want to sit at a desk. For you, learning comes best when you’re multitasking—watching TV, spending time with family, or even rolling out of bed. If that’s you, you’re kind of making the rest of us look bad. In all seriousness though, the only thing you need is a side table. Of course, you need one that can at least hold a standard laptop. But you can also get some sets for if you’re multitasking. Or you can get a C shaped one to pull right up to your cozy spot on the couch. For side table students, you’ll find a million ways to make them work for you.

Storage Between Studies

study desk with built in ladder bookcase and study supplies

Of course, another need for long-term home learning is storage. Books, supplies, and personal decorations need a home, too. When that’s the case, a study desk with a built-in ladder bookcase is the best choice hands down. Display kitschy bobbleheads, trophies, and favorite pictures. Keep your textbooks in tidy stacks. And have your supplies within easy reach. And check out our blog post on ladder bookcases in home office design to learn more.

foldable bookcase displaying books and pictures in a living room

Then there’s always a folding wood bookcase. Yes, it may not come built into a desk. Yet, the ability to store these bookcases means that they’re perfect for college students. Moving in and out of the dorm will be a cinch with this design. They also make a great match for folding desks. Speaking of which…

Bringing It All Together

Sure, having a built-in storage and desking combo is great for space and convenience. But sometimes it’s nice to be more flexible and creative with a home learning environment. If you think so too, then you’ll enjoy having a nice pair to layout as you please. And The Office Place has you covered.

folding desk and bookcase set with laptop and desk chair in a dorm room

The Flip Flop bookcase and study desk are the first great combo for home learning. Besides sporting matching designs, you can also move them both around or store them however you need. There’s also the Niche Lux Home Study Desk Shell. Bookcases from the Lux line look amazing placed with the desk shell. Or you can spread out to tie the space together. With sets like these, the possibilities are endless.

Silver Linings Everywhere.

Home learning doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Students can still excel with he right furniture around them. So, take it from TOP and find what works best for you or the young learner in your home today.


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