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The Office Place sells products provided by many different manufacturers. All products are subject to the manufacturer's warranty and we do not provide any additional warranty for the products which you purchase or receive.

To find your warranty information, please view our warranty information page and find your products' manufacturer section.

Warranty Information

Shipping And Returns

Find the details you need to know about our shipping and return policies.

Shipping And Returns

Privacy Policy

View our privacy policy to see what kind of information we collect about your browsing habits on our site. We take your personal privacy and security very seriously on our website, which is why we have encrypted our website to ensure that your data remains private and secure. All data that we collect is generalized anonymous browsing data, with the exception of contact forms and order information. This allows us to get a good idea of how users generally use our site, without exposing individual use, ensuring that your browsing on our site remains private.

Privacy Policy


The Office Place does our best when it comes to providing up to date and accurate photos for our products. However, we are limited to what the manufacturers provide us. This means that on occassion photos can be out of date or possibly not display colors accurately. The Office Place does not and cannot guarantee the accuracy of photos. In order to receive the most up to date and accurate photos, please email customer service. Customer service will contact the manufacturer and ensure that you are looking at the most up to date image the manufacturer can provide. We can also provide physical color swatches at the manufacturers' discretion to help ensure that you get the color option that is best for you.


The Office Place will do its best to provide accurate pricing for all users browsing the website. However, if The Office Place finds that there is inaccurate pricing after an order has been placed by a customer, The Office Place reserves the right to forgo the displayed price on the website, notify the customer, and cancel the order or offer another item of similar value. We will never cancel or replace an item in your order without prior notification.

Stock and Availability

The Office Place attempts to provide up to date and accurate information on stock and availability for our products. However, we cannot and do not guarantee that an item shown as available will actually be available. We will notify the customer as soon as possible if items in your order are not in stock or are no longer available. Refunds are available. Please contact customer service for the most up to date stock information.