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AlphaBetter® 2.0 Height – Adjustable Student Desk with Pendulum Bar 22”-30”

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  • Health-positive design with height-adjustability and pendulum footrest that promotes constant movement.
    The AlphaBetter 2.0 Height Adjustable Student Desk with Pendulum Bar
    Keep students active while they learn with this versatile sit-to-stand desk available in gray laminate or markerboard top. A pendulum footrest allows students to redirect excess energy and continue to move, even as they sit – providing ergonomic support, increasing comfort, and promoting cardiovascular health. Great for boosting productivity and focus, this student desk has the added benefit of optional casters for better mobility throughout the classroom. All 22-30” desks accommodate K-12th grade students – as well as adults – at seated height, and K-4th grade students at standing height.
    US Patents 8061278, 8291833; Canadian Patent 2711897; Chinese Patent ZL 2009 8 0101892.1.
    The AlphaBetter Student Furniture line coordinates well with Safco's large line of modern classroom furniture & clean looks. Check out our Learn classroom furniture line and see how we can level-up your classroom's look and functionality!
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